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Every politician gets abortion questions incorrect. Every. One.
That is *why* the right asks them. They know the sound bites can be twisted.

If the question involves made up terms, like “late term” or “partial birth” abortion the ONLY answer is pointing out the question involves a lie or ignorance and then ask which it is and then say, “Any answer means it was ok to ask that garbage. It’s not ok. Next question”

For example:

Person: Dr. Gunter, you are in favor of late term abortion?

Dr. Gunter: What the fuck does that even mean? Are you using made up terminology on purpose or are you just ignorant?

Someone who doesn’t know shit about pregnancy and abortion doesn’t get to define the goalposts s

I’ve talked to a politician about abortion at his home. I had to call him for permission to save a woman’s life. Pretty bold as I wasn’t even a US citizen, but I wasn’t going to let her die because of some asshole who uses lies about abortion to raise funds and scrounge votes

He folded pretty damn quickly. They are cowards at heart. Then think people are afraid to have accurate discussions about abortion.

If you answer a shitty question you can never get it right. Too many people concede that point.
Never answer a bad question.
Lawyers know that! Lawyers also ask shitty questions of defendants or experts because they know they work.
Most politicians are lawyers.

I’ve been an expert witness a few times,
Lawyer: asks stupid question
Me: I’m sorry, I can’t answer that it makes no sense.
Lawyer: asks another stupid way
Me: nope, and we just spent the past hour proving I’m the expert so, I get to say the question makes no sense

I’m quite handy in a debate and under pressure. I’d be happy to grill all the current democratic candidates so they get this right. Incorrect sound bites now about abortion are going to come back at election time and bite them in the ass. This is going to be a key issue.

Now I am in such a don’t fuck with me mood

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