Seth Abramson @SethAbramson Attorney. Professor @UofNH. Columnist @Newsweek. NYT bestselling author. Proof of Conspiracy @StMartinsPress: Analyses @BBC. Views mine. Apr. 17, 2019 1 min read

Like anyone who's followed, researched, and written about the Trump-Russia investigation for over two years—I don't pretend to be special—I've been *inundated* with interview requests for tomorrow. This is just a note to say that I've decided to stay here—with you all—on Twitter.

1/ My feeling is that my analyses can reach the most people here; that I can best try to field questions people have here; and that I can live-read the report—or something approximating that—most readily here. Breaching mainstream media more broadly won't be my priority tomorrow.

2/ My only fear is that I'd like to "live-read" (or something like that) here on Twitter, but any such thread would possibly surpass 300 tweets—something I've never done and that I suspect will cause many people to be... uh... upset. I'll have to figure out how best to handle it.

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