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People ask, "what can I do to help stop climate change?" For most Americans, the answer is simple, per @mattyglesias: vote against Republicans, at every level of gov't.  https://www.vox.com/2018/11/27/18112540/what-can-we-do-to-stop-climate-change 

So many center-left squishes spent years saying "climate isn't a partisan issue!" that they started believing their own myth. However, while you may think as a normative matter that climate *shouldn't* be a partisan issue, as a purely descriptive matter, it simply is.

Democrats agree on the need to decarbonize. There are disagreements over how, and how fast, and what tools to use, and what to prioritize. There certainly isn't enough intensity or ambition. But directionally, they care about climate.

Republicans don't. They spent decades spinning absurd lies & conspiracy theories about climate science (their base still very much believes it all). They are currently spinning absurd lies & conspiracy theories about Dem climate policy. Fossil fuel billionaires fund them.

Their current climate proposals are transparently bad-faith attempts to derail momentum & save political face, since outright denialism has made them look like clowns. Directionally, they want to slow decarbonization.

I'm just stating the obvious here. But it's an obvious truth that lots of people in the center left, the sciences, & big enviro advocacy groups have been loathe to accept, certainly to say out loud. They don't like to feel partisan, like they're on a team.

They are the kind of people who fancy themselves transcending mere partisan squabbling. They see the bigger picture & understand both sides of the debate, more clearly than partisans themselves, etc etc. It offends their sensibilities to be "on a side." That's for lesser minds.

The result is surreal to me: an issue that's rising in salience almost daily; an issue on which 63% of voters view the GOP as "outside the mainstream"; as issue the GOP has entirely *handed to Dems on a platter* ... a bunch of Dems want to say "it's not a partisan issue." Whyyyyy

Why not tell voters: "if you care about this, we're the only shop in town. The other guys are still humping the Kochs' legs. We're trying to solve it. If you believe it's a huge, serious problem -- and it is -- then f'ing *stop voting for them & start voting for us*." Yeah?

You rarely hear anyone on the right saying "abortion shouldn't be a partisan issue." Instead, voters are informed, accurately, that if they want to prohibit abortion, they should vote for Rs. It's better for small-d democracy for voters to be informed.

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