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They have to impeach.

If they won’t impeach they may as well not have taken the House.

This is about whether or not there effectively still is a Congress.

I really have no time for this too-clever 8th dimensional chess.

This isn’t a narrative, it’s blatant obstruction—obstruction upon obstruction.

Trump’s narrative is that he didn’t do anything impeachable. NOT impeaching him plays into that narrative.

Impeach or what use are you.

FFS removal is beside the point. Impeachment is the point.

It’s an impeachable offense. Impeach him. Use it to get the unrefacted report. If the Senate votes him down, impeach him again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Every time you impeach him, declare and publish the facts.

Impeach him until he’s finally removed.

Then impeach him again.

Honest answer: an impeached President.

I have no patience for those who want to surrender before it’s started.

“But if we impeach they’ll say it’s a politically motivated witch hunt!”

Oh no, what if they started doing that, already, every day, for the last 2 years. Can you imagine what that’d be like?

And do this.

And this.

Good news! Double jeopardy doesn’t apply to impeachment.

Also, even if it did, he’s easily done over 100 impeachable things, and that’s with cameras on.

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