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It seems like we're getting really close to the point where the right simply abandons all pretense of fealty to transpartisan standards & laws. I can't decide whether that would be better or worse than the tired, threadbare kabuki dance we're all doing now.

I mean, the report details numerous instances of Trump explicitly encouraging lawbreaking. They're out saying, "this exonerates the president" even though every sentient human can see that's ludicrous. It's not a big step to say, "yeah, he did it & you can't touch him, fuck you."

You might think we've been *operationally* at that point for a while, and it's true. But I think there's real significance in the maintenance of pretense. It's the tribute vice pays to virtue, etc. etc. Our shared commitment to the pretense is its only hold on reality.

If the right just finally said, once & for all: "it's a zero-sum tribal fight, you v. us, & there are no shared rules or limits" ... would that ... lead to the final political collapse of our increasingly hollow empire? Or ... finally spark a real backlash? I really don't know.

But I'll tell you this, I'm sick to death of the play-acting. Barr et al pretending they're doing anything but covering shit up; the media pretending the Trump crew's words are offered in good faith; Dems pretending there might be some revelation that forces the issue for them.

All the words flying around the internet today are pointless. Only power matters. Dems will use what power they have to sanction & restrain the criminal gang running things, or they won't. But arguments & persuasion have fuck-all to do with it.

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