Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer. Apr. 18, 2019 1 min read

‘This is not democracy. Lies spread in darkness paid for with cash from God knows where.’ Two days ago I accused @Facebook of breaking democracy. @TEDchris told them they were free to respond at any time. So far? Nothing but silence... 

I began the talk in Ebbw Vale, the Welsh town I visited on the day after the Brexit vote. There’s another fascinating aspect to this. You know who else went there a year later? @facebook’s head of global comms & our ex-deputy prime minister @nick_clegg 

You used to serve the British people @nick_clegg. And you know how important this is. And, now, you have the evidence. Are you really going to just ignore this??

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