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🏳️‍🌈 Viktor Fischer vs homophobia, a thread:

A couple of weeks ago, during an away game against OB in the Danish league, Victor Fischer was met with homophobic chants from the home supporters, and he told @ViaRitzau that “homophobic chants should be looked upon the same way as racist chants.”

“Homophobia must not be accepted and should be looked upon the same way as racism. I hope that if the league don’t do anything about it, OB will. Some would say one should look the other way but I chose not to. Now I hope this will enlighten people about the chants” Fischer said.

Fischer was met with a lot of support, from normal ppl, politicians, head of the player’s union, current and former Danish league, including Huddersfield’s Mathias Zanka Jørgensen who said he had heard a whole stand at OB’s stadium sing homophobic chants towards Fischer!

After the incident, OB said they were sorry that these chants happen and that they find discriminating chants of any kind unacceptable.

FC Copenhagen and OB fanclub De Stribede also denounced homophobic chants together in an announcement.
... but then...

.... the day after the OB game, after all the support shown towards Viktor Fischer, the fans of FCK’s arch rivals, Brøndby IF, go on to sing “Fischer he is gay allez, allez, Fischer he is gay allez, allez....” during their match against Nordsjælland 🤦🏻‍♂️

Brøndby also officially denounced these chants. But Fischer wasn’t done. He did an interview with @TV2SPORTdk where he said “‘homosexual’ should not be, not now, not ever be an abusive word, especially not in 2019 in Denmark.” 👏🏼👏🏼

And then, a week ago, Brøndby and OB became the first Danish clubs ever to get fined for homophobic chants by the Danish FA’s disciplinary council! The fine was on DKK 25.000, ~€3.300 and the FA said heftier fines will be given if similar chants are repeated.

In the ruling, the FA also remarked that Fischer sent finger kisses to the OB fans after FCK celebrated a goal, something which in an inexpedient manner could have escalated the situation and added more discriminatory chanting. (@tipsbladet)

Then, it was indeed bound to happen, during the Derby between Copenhagen and Brøndby last weekend, Viktor Fischer scored the game-winning 2-1 goal which put FCK on course to the title.

Unfortunately, during this Derby, there was an FCK fan who took a 🏳️‍🌈 flag to the stadium and was met by an aggressive co-fan of the same team... some shameless people out there!

During the game, Fischer himself claimed that he heard no homophobic chants and praised the Brøndby fans, but the Danish FA have still opened a new case against Brøndby for claims of fans’ chants against Fischer during the game.

After the game, Fischer also commented on the escalation of his first comments which started everything:

Which leads to today. Championship match between Copenhagen and Midtjylland. I was at the games saw some 🏳️‍🌈 flags, heard no homophobic chants from home or away supporters, but after the game, outside... homophobic chants from Midtjylland fans. Disgusting.

I also saw and heard one Copenhagen fan call the Midtjylland fans “fucking faggots, fucking farmers” outside the stadium. We’ll see how things go from here... But not all heroes wear capes - some where football jerseys as well! Tak, Viktor!

Just btw, not that it matters, but Fischer isn’t homosexual. He has a girlfriend, Sara. 
But that’s not what it’s about. As Fischer says himself, it’s about using these words in abusive ways which is absolutely unacceptable.

Also btw, a rainbow appeared in front of the Brøndby fans during the game vs Nordsjælland where they chanted that Fischer is gay. Mother Nature doing her thing.

Btw these cases are not to say fans of these teams are homophobic in general or anything, I know loads from all those teams who denounce that shit as well. But Fischer is absolutely right, there’s something wrong in parts of the stadium culture and it needs educating.

.@fcmidtjylland can’t be fined after their fans’ homophobic chants towards Viktor Fischer, because they were made outside the stadium, the Danish FA’s disciplinary council says.

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