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Facebook leaks: Zuckerberg turned data into dollars in ruthless battle with competitors

7000 pages of confidential docs show that Zuck and his top execs closed APIs, considered charging apps for access to user data despite claims they never sell user data 

“The #1 threat to Facebook is not another scaled up social media network, it is the fracturing of information/death by a thousand small vertical apps which are loosely integrated together”

FB closed APIs, but devs wouldn’t like it.

Solution? Say they were protecting privacy

Facebook allowed users to post photos/comments, keeping them private by selecting an option known as Only Me, but it was not as private as one FB designer thought.

“Isn’t this directly violating what we tell users is Only Me?”

They could be seen by other users of the same app.

The leaks are telling because these are thoughtful people trying to work hard on very difficult problems. But when the chips are down, any corporation must make its choices.

At the same time if you’re a user and you’re not paying... you’re still the product.

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