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Trump’s only genius is in realizing that America is wired to self-destruct before it ever makes a wealthy white man pay his bills.

The only thing that compels a wealthy white man to pay any price whatsoever is, very clearly, his own sense of duty or shame.

It’s advantageous, therefore, to do without either.

The press, it seems, is wired to self-destruct before it calls a lie from a wealthy white man, however blatant, a lie.

No number of lies, it seems, can destroy his credibility rating.

Each new utterance must be taken at face value.

The law, it seems, is wired to self-destruct, before it calls a crime committed by a wealthy white man a crime.

Whatever they do must be treated as normal.

Perhaps a furrowed brow first, nothing more.

The white public at large, it seems, is wired to self-destruct before it admits the system from which it benefits is built, at its foundation, on lawlessness, falsehood, theft and harm

Trump was inevitable. He’s optimized for this system

It’s extraordinary and clarifying to see

The only thing they left out of the story is that immediately after pointing out the emperor’s nakedness, the boy was publicly executed.

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