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sometimes i check this to see what kind of information reporters are offering all over the country on presumably big news days: 

some of the stories these small town red state papers have chosen to run on their FRONT PAGES instead of news on this mueller report is genuinely shocking.

a soccer tournament.
a fishing event.

these ppl have a duty to inform the public....
but they won't.

b/c the truth doesn't fit their narrative.
whole swaths of this country are ignorant.
whole segments of the news industry are complicit.

kingman daily miner.
kingman, az. 

juneau empire.
juneau, alaska. 

the daily courier.
prescott, arizona 

i shouldn't have said "red state."

b/c YES red states...

but red areas *period.*

this is *before* we even get to all the papers that say "no collusion" in bold.

this whole page.
like...the EFFORT... 

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