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It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how much the public learned about Russian interference, contacts between Russians and Trump associates and the president’s actions in office because of rigorous independent reporting. Here are some highlights of @washingtonpost coverage.

Let’s begin in April 2016, when Trump was closing in on the GOP nomination. @stevenmufson and @thamburger scrutinized the record of Paul Manafort, who they wrote had “parlayed political relationships...into an array of intricate financial transactions with billionaire oligarchs.”

April 26, 2016:
Inside Trump adviser Manafort’s world of politics and global financial dealmaking @stevenmufson @thamburger 

A few weeks later, @PostRoz and @thamburger introduced readers to Felix Sater, a colorful Russian-born businessman who pitched Trump on building towers in the former Soviet bloc – including Moscow.

May 17, 2016:
Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Trump via @PostRoz @thamburger 

Then on June 14, 2016, @nakashimae broke the exclusive news that Russian government hackers had penetrated the DNC. 

That was quickly followed by a deep examination by @thamburger @PostRoz @michaelbirnbaum at Trump’s efforts to curry a relationship with Putin and his warm views toward Russia.

June 17, 2016: 

It was still weeks before Trump’s official GOP presidential nomination.

Shortly after his inauguration, @gregpmiller @adamentous @nakashimae revealed this blockbuster.

Feb. 9, 2017: 

Feb. 13, 2017
Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail via @adamentous @nakashimae @PhilipRucker 

April 30, 2017:
Guns and religion: How American conservatives grew closer to Putin’s Russia via @PostRoz @thamburger 

May 15, 2017:
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador via @gregpmiller @gregjaffe 

May 16, 2017:
Notes made by FBI Director Comey say Trump pressured him to end Flynn probe @devlinbarrett @nakashimae @mattzap 

May 22, 2017:
Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence via @adamentous @nakashimae 

May 25, 2017:
‘Anyone . . . with a pulse’: How a Russia-friendly adviser found his way into the Trump campaign via @thamburger @PostRoz 

May 26, 2017:
Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin via @nakashimae @adamentous @gregpmiller 

June 14, 2017:
Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, via @devlinbarrett @adamentous @nakashimae @sarihorwitz 

June 19, 2017:
At height of Russia tensions, Trump campaign chairman Manafort met with business associate from Ukraine via @PostRoz @thamburger @rachelweinerwp 

July 21, 2017
Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation via @carolleonnig @ashleyrparker @PostRoz @thamburger 

July 25, 2017:
Trump leaves Sessions twisting in the wind while berating him publicly via @sarihorwitz @mattzap @costareports 

July 31, 2017:
Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer via @ashleyrparker @carolleonnig @PhilipRucker @thamburger 

Aug. 14, 2017:
Trump campaign emails show aide’s repeated efforts to set up Russia meetings via @thamburger @carolleonnig @PostRoz 

Sept. 20, 2017:
Manafort offered to give Russian billionaire ‘private briefings’ on 2016 campaign via @thamburger @PostRoz @CarolLeonnig @adamentous 

Dec. 14, 2017:
Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked via @gregpmiller @gregjaffe @philiprucker 

Jan. 20, 2018
In the crowd at Trump’s inauguration, members of Russia’s elite anticipated a thaw between Moscow and Washington via @craigtimberg @PostRoz @Andrew__Roth @CarolLeonnig 

Feb. 6, 2018:
Hero or hired gun? How a British former spy became a flash point in the Russia investigation. Via @thamburger @PostRoz 

May 16, 2018:
Inside the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting: A droning Russian lawyer and hot pink jeans, but no Clinton dirt @PostRoz @karoun 

June 17, 2018:
Trump associate Roger Stone reveals new contact with Russian national during 2016 campaign via @roigfranzia @postroz 

July 17, 2018:
‘She was like a novelty’: How alleged Russian agent Maria Butina gained access to elite conservative circles via @PostRoz @thamburger @shaneharris @CarolLeonnig 

Nov. 28, 2018:
Trump’s night-owl calls to Roger Stone in 2016 draw scrutiny in Mueller probe via @roigfranzia @CarolLeonnig @PostRoz @jdawsey1 

Nov. 29, 2018
‘We will be in Moscow’: The story of Trump’s 30-year quest to expand his brand to Russia via @PostRoz @thamburger 

Dec. 9, 2018:
Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and transition via @PostRoz @thamburger @CarolLeonnig 

Feb. 12, 2019:
How Manafort’s 2016 meeting with a Russian employee at New York cigar club goes to ‘the heart’ of Mueller’s probe via @PostRoz @thamburger 

Many of those revelations were echoed in and elaborated on in Mueller’s report yesterday, covered authoritatively by this incredible team that has been following the story from the beginning. So proud to work with them. 

Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president via @devlinbarrett @mattzap 

Paranoia, lies and fear: Trump’s presidency laid bare by Mueller report via @philiprucker @costareports 

Through email leaks and propaganda, Russians sought to elect Trump, Mueller finds @shaneharris @nakashimae @craigtimberg 

Mueller’s report paints a portrait of a campaign intrigued by Russian overtures via @PostRoz @thamburger @karoun @rachelweinerwp 

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime @CarolLeonnig @DevlinBarrett @jdawsey1 

As the Russia investigation ends, experts see two years of American political dysfunction as a win for Putin via @gregpmiller 

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