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Bellingcat has examined the open source information around the shooting of Lyra McKee 

In a video published by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) an individual is seen at the corner from which Lyra McKee was shot from. Although partly obscured, it was possible to match that individual to other images from the night.

The same individual features in several photographs taken by @niallcarsonpa, with other similarly dressed individuals: 

Although it was possible to find other images of the likely shooter, none provided enough information to currently identify the individual. However, it may be possible to identify items of clothing that could lead to the suspect, such as his gray Nike trainers.

Thanks to @FL0R3N1 who has ID'd the footwear worn by the possible shooter of Lyra McKee as Air Max 90 Ultra SE Wolf Grey. Hopefully a small step to finding the real ID.

The TEAM9 jogging bottoms worn by the suspect have also be found here 

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