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If they don't impeach, then firing the FBI director to stop an investigation into your activities is something presidents can do.

If they don't impeach, then firing your AG so you can install one who will coordinate with you about an investigation into your activities is something presidents can do.

If they don't impeach, then presidents can say an illegal meeting that took place didn't take place.
And then that that it took place but it wasn't about that, it was about something else.
And then that no it was about that, but anybody would take that meeting.

If they don't impeach, then using the presidency to profit from your business is something presidents can do.

If they don't impeach, then presidents can collude with the Justice Department prior to the release of a damning report, that's something presidents can do.

If they don't impeach, then presidents can order their staff to sabotage federal investigations to obstruct investigations into crimes they've committed.

If they don't impeach, then presidents can coordinate with foreign actors to sabotage elections, and they don't even have to be subtle about any of this.

If they don't impeach, presidents can, for example, while still candidates, stand in front of a bank of cameras and say, "release the illegal incriminating data, foreign actors."

They, can, for example, invite diplomats from the same country as those foreign actors and brag to them that the investigation into such coordination is over, because they fired the chief investigator.

That's something presidents will be able to do.

Presidents would be able to just say, as an aside in a televised interview, that the reason they fired the chief investigator is specifically to end the investigation.

If they won't impeach, that means it's perfectly acceptable for the president to illegally use campaign funds to pay a former mistress hush funds through a shell corporation, and then lie about it and order his attorney to lie about it.

If they won't impeach, than presidents can feel perfectly comfortable hiring as National Security Adviser individuals who are active foreign agents and lying about it.

That will be fine for presidents.

If they won't impeach, presidents can feel confident about instructing federal officials to break laws, with the promise of presidential pardon if consequences arise.

That will be an acceptable use of presidential power.

If they won't impeach, a political party that has proved itself actively hostile to democracy itself, the Republican Party, will know that they have no real opposition, none at all.

That will be something they know to a high degree of confidence.

If they won't impeach, presidents can feel quite comfortable countermanding regulation to give an unqualified family member high level security clearance, even an individual who's made dozens of false statements on clearance forms.

This is just by memory, by the way.

This is just off the top of my head.

What am I forgetting?

Because all of that will be fine for presidents, as well.

There is no other way.

They must impeach.

They must.

All this is already out there. They don't have to wait to investigate.

They should go on investigating. They should investigate every last thing. Subpoena every last individual. Prosecute. Prosecute.

But impeach first, and impeach often.

Not one day of his presidency should go by that he's not being impeached for one of these things above, or one I've forgotten, or one they find in one of the investigations into the same.

The investigations they can sure enough conduct WHILE impeaching.

There is no other case but impeachment. It must happen.

It's not a strategic matter. It's not some savvy 5th dimensional political chess.

It's a question of whether we have a government or not.


Those who would rather use Congress’s power to investigate rather than impeach: who told you those two things are mutually exclusive?

they aren’t.

why do you think they told you that?

why did you believe it?


They haven’t impeached, and now the president knows that taking information from foreign agents to sway elections is something presidents can do, and he’ll do it again, and he’ll say so, because he knows nobody will do anything.

Because they haven’t.

This is on Pelosi and House leadership and their cowardly strategy now.

I don’t like it, but it’s a fact.

They can change that; there’s still time.

But they have to impeach.

If they don't impeach, presidents can withhold US military aid in an attempt to extort foreign government into intervening in elections, that will be acceptable behavior for presidents.

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