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But on the subject of strategy:

The line on the Democrats is that there's really no difference between them and Republicans at the end of the day.

If they won't impeach, people will believe that line, who never believed it before.

They will.

People worried about "electability": stop. Please. Just stop

What makes someone electable is standing for something. For having a clear vision and making an unapologetic case for it

There was once a year when the country "wasn't ready" for a black president.

That year was 2008

*Donald Trump* is “electable.”

Find me someone in April 2015 who thought so.

Nobody knows anything. May as well stand for what you believe.

I’m not attacking them, I’m trying to save them. Do you know that thing or a friend tells her friend the thing they don’t want to hear but need to hear? This is that.

and who exactly is “you guys”

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