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Fact: there are other goals beyond 'getting him out of office,' just as pressing or more pressing, which would be accomplished by impeaching him.

This is a test of what he can get away with.

If he can get away with this, what confidence do you have in elections?

Chastening him is not the reason to do it. If that were our goal, we would be doomed; you can’t chasten someone with no conscience.

Impeachment is the constitutional duty of Congress now. It needs no further end then itself.

This makes no sense at all.

Explain to me in what universe it is harder to run on “not guilty” if the opposition party declines to impeach.

Not impeaching strengthens the position that says he isn’t guilty. It makes the case for him.

If we don’t impeach him now, then he has gotten away with it. This is the test. There is no future better time.

If we won’t even impeach him, we certainly won’t prosecute him.

If we lack the will now, we will lack it later.

Oh and one other thing about this: impeachment is not prosecution. The Senate voting not to remove (if they do) is not acquittal. People using such terms are engaging in a category error that reveals the foundation of their wrong assumptions.

Want a fact?

Here’s a fact: this country can easier survive a second Trump term then a failure to impeach Trump over this.

That the latter will all but guarantee the former is worth noting, but almost irrelevant next to the complete abandonment of Congress.

The danger of Trump has always been the overthrow of a representational government of coequal branches.

If Congress won’t do their clear duty and impeach, that danger becomes a reality.

In that act the full danger of Trump is already realized.

The 2nd term becomes a formality.

Yes. My thought is, now I’m being told we shouldn’t impeach because it won’t succeed and also we shouldn’t impeach because it might succeed.

which really makes me suspect the motives of those who don’t want to impeach.

It’s certainly much lower if we won’t impeach him now.

The case against impeachment is nothing but speculation.

It’s nothing substantive; it’s all about tea leaves.Miss me.

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