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Moving apartments and buying/renting furniture has made me realize that Affirm financing - at 0% APR - is brilliant.

I’ve converted and made purchases I wouldn’t have otherwise on Wayfair, Brooklinen and Floyd 🛏

I also bought a few items on Craigslist, which was great! But the last mile problem killed any of the savings (at least $30+ on an Uber). Renting furniture - with the company delivering and putting the pieces together - became the better option.

All props to @leanluxe and its community! I wouldn’t have tried these design-forward furniture and lifestyle brands if it weren’t for Paul and friends’ recommendations.

Even Snap knows I’m getting furniture for a new spot..

To add onto this thread: why DOESN’T Uber/Lyft/etc have a moving van option? 🚛

Drivers with XL vehicles could designate themselves as moving cars, let’s say at 2X the typical route cost. Definitely still cheaper for consumers than Budget or Enterprise.

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