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Today Bellingcat and @glan_law announces a new project examining the campaign of airstrikes carried out by a Saudi-led coalition, including the United States, in Yemen since 2015: The Yemen Project. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing a series of investigations into attacks in Yemen. The first will be published at 1300 BST today examining a strike on the al Fayoush market. Over the next week we will publish one report per day.

On the 29th April Bellingcat will be launching , which will host these investigations and data as a stand-alone website. After this Bellingcat will continue to add investigations and data on a weekly basis.

The Yemen Project has been months in the making during which we have worked with a wide range of civil society, including @glan_law, @hunchly, @syrian_archive and many others. This co-operation culminated in a hackathon held in early 2019.

The Yemen Project will be focused on producing verified material viable for court cases, aiding advocacy groups with reliable information about the conflict, and working with other media organizations that wish to cover the conflict.

Over the coming months and years we hope that the Yemen Project will have a measurable impact on the conflict in Yemen by providing this kind of information and analysis.

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