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It's their only choice if they want to remain a political party. If they won't impeach here, they won't ever impeach. They become the Washington Generals; an opponent in name only, but in reality just part of the show.

Once you've let the other team set up an actual trampoline on the court while you look the other way, they'll know they can dunk on you forever.

What the hell was a Democratic majority elected to do, if not to check a criminal president?

The Senate will vote it down? Yes. Also true of any meaningful law passed.

So fight. Make a distinction between the parties. Give people something to vote for and believe in.



Then take the Presidency.

Then take the Senate.

Then break the cynical Republican theft of the courts.

Then use the power to enact broad and sweeping reform. Make people's lives better rather than worse.

And ignore your opponents as they flop and whine to the refs.

Impeaching is bad for presidents.

So obvious to say, yet it must be said.

So obvious, that one must consider: who is it that's telling us otherwise, and why are they telling us that, and why would we believe it?

Who offered us this spirit of timidity? Why did we accept it?

Who told us that checking a criminal President’s power with equal power would empower that President?

Who told us that failure to check him would somehow help stop him?

And why did they tell us this?

And why would we believe it?

Surely everyone sees that obviously the opposite is true.


Do you see how upside-down and cynical all of this cable news political gamesmanship has become?

Just because they’re spooning this shit up for us doesn’t mean we need to eat it.

The clear case is for impeachment. It’s the most obvious case for impeachment that ever has been.

The Democrats are in power to do it. If they won’t do it, what use are they?



eat your heart out, Ernest Hemingway.

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