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What is the #YemenProject?

In Jan 2019, @bellingcat and @GLAN_LAW brought together over 40 people in London @policyatkings to investigate 100 incidents had taken place in Yemen. The incidents were placed into 5 categories based on preliminary identification on social media.

The aim of the collective was to either confirm or refute if an airstrike had taken place, but never to infer whether a strike was lawful or unlawful, using only open-source content as the basis of their investigations.

Using a strict methodology and collection protocol built by @GLAN_LAW and @bellingcat to evidentiary standards, teams worked on the verification of User Generated Content first and the analysis of media and NGO as secondary sources for corroboration.

Simultaneously our partners @YemeniArchive preserved & archived the this content.

The incidents were placed in 5 categories based on preliminary identification on social media. Each category has a particular status in customary international law applicable in the Yemen context:

1. Attacks on civilians, including strikes on Markets, prisons and civilian vehicles.

2. The destruction of civilian property without military necessity, including strikes conducted on residential homes, factories and businesses, road and fuel stations

3. Attacks on Specific Protected Status, including strikes on Medical facilities historical sites, schools, museums, mosques.

4. Attacks on Government buildings and legitimate military objectives

5. Attacks on objects indispensable to the civilian population. This includes water pumps, water reservoirs, food stores, farms, livestock, crops.

We included bridges too due to their importance for the distribution of food, water & medicine in Yemen.

Over the course of the year, we’ll be investigating at least 200 more incidents and looking at larger patterns, such as attacks on bridges.

A huge thank you to: @hrcberkeley, @amnesty, @ACLEDINFO, @Channel4, @nytimes, @MwatanaEn and many others. For the full list and the breakdown of the investigation workflow, collection protocol etc. visit  next week from 29th April.

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