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Heard about that new study alleging to show that state renewable-energy mandates are expensive? Read Jesse's thread for more on the (massive & pretty f'ing obvious) methodological problems. He is kinder about it than I'm inclined to be. It's not just the absurd methods ...

... it's the complete -- and perfectly characteristic -- cluelessness on political economy. At this moment of all moments, when people are finally loosening their carbon-pricing obsessions & consensus is starting to form around a national CES ... comes this crap bomb.

At this moment, when (after years of state carbon pricing policies going nowhere) state after state is passing ambitious clean-energy targets -- the first broad, sustained momentum I've seen on climate policy in ages -- comes this crap bomb.

I guess some economists are just determined to stand in the corner, stomping their feet, clinging to their efficiency-maximizing spreadsheets, pursuing their monomaniacal policy fetish as the whole ship sinks. Feh.

"We are not political actors, we are disinterested Experts," they said haughtily, intervening in a politically charged moment with a politically charged document certain to have political effects.

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