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We need to talk about @lizandmollie's new book, No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work.
A thread. /1

Every page is full of truth. Every damn one. Not just surface-level truths, but deep stuff that took me years of failure & heartache to learn or unlearn. E.g. this section on ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) and how the right type of autonomy makes everyone better /2

Or this section on micro-managing, that truly captures the feeling of not being trusted, then offers *USEFUL* and *NON-OBVIOUS* advice for how to break free. So few business books do either of those. /3

The writing doesn't ramble. It gets straight to the point, but does so with empathy, from a place that's somehow simultaneously authoritative but humble. E.g. this ¶ about employees moving on that so many founders/owners I talk to struggle with /4

I spent a lengthy section of Lost & Founder talking about psychological safety, but daresay Liz & Mollie did an even better job. The visuals don't just provide an (much-needed-in-the-era-of-web-browsing) aesthetic upgrade; they help the content resonate. /5

No Hard Feelings is filled with gems like this -- gems worth 10,000X ROI to the right reader. To be honest, I think I'm *JEALOUS* of this book. Jealous that Liz & Mollie wrote it so well, illustrated it so beautifully, and delivered so much hard-won wisdom on every page. /6

Most biz books can be summarized in a 20-min talk. The "Cliff's Notes" provides 95% of the value. *NOT TRUE* with No Hard Feelings. I love that -- the feeling that every sentence I read is worthwhile. Brava @lizandmollie! Can't recommend this enough:  https://www.lizandmollie.com/book 

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