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Treating people as if their ability to make money is the only thing that gives them value means treating all other aspects of society that way.

It grows assumptions, like: an education is worthless unless it makes you a pile of money.

Exorbitant prices follow—inevitably.

The exorbitant prices prove that education is only worthy if you can make you a pile of money.

If your education left you in debt, what use was it?

If your education isn’t useless, why are you in debt?

So the assumption creates a system that reinforces the assumption, and the system chokes the discipline that would interrogate the assumption.

Social work—worthless.
Art, dance, theater—worthless.

They mock the pursuit of foundational building blocks of civilization— they mock the very idea of pursuing it

Then they boast about “Western civilization.”

They mean their money.

The fear of making college affordable is not a fear of cost. Conservatives have no care for cost. We’ve seen what they do with the economy.

The fear of making college affordable is the fear that millions, presently forced to play by their scoring system, would opt not to.

It’s also very much this.

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