François Chollet @fchollet Deep learning @google. Creator of Keras, neural networks library. Author of 'Deep Learning with Python'. Opinions are my own. Apr. 23, 2019 1 min read

I've been following the work of Meredith (@mer__edith) for several years now. She, alongside others such as Kate (@katecrawford), has been a real pioneer & thought leader on AI ethics, especially when it comes to ML bias, diversity, & inclusion, topics that I'm following closely.

I believe that her work is critical to Google's mission, as an AI-first company that is highly reliant on being fully trusted by a diverse user base of billions of people. Meredith's work is a net benefit for Google's users, for Google's products, and for Google as a company.

I hope that she will be able to carry on her important work on the social impact & ethics of ML. Thank you for your valuable contributions so far -- here's hoping that this is just the beginning.

As everything else I tweet, these comments are made in a personal capacity.

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