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This is why I think it’s useless to make political calculations based on what it will do to the right wing narrative. They’re literally going to say whatever they want whenever they want however they want no matter what we do and their whole deluded army is going to believe it.

It’s not that we should ignore it. We should understand their terrified cramped alternative reality as best we can.

We just shouldn’t base any of our decisions on their possible reaction.

This is actually freedom for us.

There's nothing we can do to alleviate the effect of the total abdication of reality by American "conservatism."

It also means there's nothing—other than letting their madness drive our priorities—we can do that will make it worse, either.

Barack Obama presided as a traditional conservative, and right-wing propaganda called him an anti-American communist terrorist.

If Democrats run Joe Biden—hell, if they run Mitt Romney—they'll say the exact same.

May as well run somebody that stands for what you believe in.

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