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If you wonder whether Trump knew of Manafort's coordination with the Kremlin—coordination Mueller only couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt because Trump dangled a pardon to Manafort to get him to lie—recall they stayed in touch by phone for MONTHS after Manafort was "fired."

1/ Manafort's coordination involved *months* of providing proprietary internal campaign polling data to the Kremlin, telling the Kremlin which states to focus on—which advice it followed—offering private briefings, and more. Trump later said if Manafort talked, he was in trouble.

2/ All Mueller needed to figure out was if Trump knew what Manafort was doing—a fact seemingly confirmed by Trump telling friends that if Manafort talked, he was toast. But Mueller never figured it out—because Trump engaged Manafort in a "joint defense" deal and floated a pardon.

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