fooler initiative @metroadlib i reside in va, ride in va, most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in va. Apr. 23, 2019 2 min read

i just had the most emotional walk home i've ever had in my *life*.

and i really need you to know what a tall order that is given the sheer volume of alcohol i consumed in college and law school.

when i say that Christ saved a white woman's life today, i VERY NEARLY mean it *literally*.

before i tell you what happened, i need to offer up two things for context:

1. i have been working on my temper my *entire* life. and i cannot even *begin* to tell you the amount of work i had to do on myself to get to the place where i am now.
which is largely laid back to the point of sang froid.
if you see my temper, you've BEGGED to see it.

i'm sassy, sure. i will talk slick in a heartbeat.
and i'm QUICK to annoyance...
but i promise i'm slow to anger.

so that's 1.

2. it is hard to put to words how happy my walks make me. i just get to move freely outside and think and listen to music and just be easy. like, i LOVE to walk. i love seeing the ppl in my community. i smile at and talk to everybody. like....i love the SHIT out of a good walk. had been a GREEEEEAT day. i worked out this morning. i got a good deal of work done before my first meeting. i was able to organize all my outlines for the work i'm doing this evening. it's 80 fucking degrees outside......

and i was on a GOOD forever walk (uphill the majority of the way), and it was purposeful, b/c i needed to buy my dog food and treats.

and when i got to the strip mall where the pet place is, i noticed a woman sitting outside of the ethiopian coffee spot (this detail is important), but i didn't pay her much mind (b/c my mood was so good). she looked to be in her mid fifties or so..

had dark brown hair that was pulled back, and a flash of white in her bang (like she was trying to re-create a bonnie raitt situation, but i promise you this bitch could NEVER).

but, again, i paid her little attention.
i went SINGING into the pet store. i quickly picked up my dog's food and treats....
and i took out my earbuds to talk to the sales woman about the fact that my expensive ass dog food was $5 off b/c of my store points.

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