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Thrilled to announce Oscar Health's partnership with @AppCardiogram⌚! For chronic conditions like diabetes + afib, members are now fully covered to use Cardiogram's wearable-based monitoring, testing and clinical triage.

*Look ma, I'm in a press release* 

Why we're partnering with Cardiogram: conditions like diabetes, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and sleep apnea are regularly undiagnosed (between 20–80% of cases). We're excited by wearable technology that closes the diagnostic gap.

How it works: when signs of a condition are detected, Cardiogram offers clinically-standard, convenient ways to confirm them like an at-home test. That's now free under Oscar! We then work together, with members, through treatment and management.

The TLDR: Cardiogram meets people where they are and prevents costly complications - saving lives and💰. True to our tech-forward approach to health insurance, Oscar is looking forward to working with @bballinger @HarishKilaru and the Cardiogram team to improve our members’ care.

Read more on the Cardiogram blog: 

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