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For our third investigation of the #YemenProject, we look at an alleged airstrike near a restaurant in Bani Hassan, Hajjah. Which is on a road that leads to the Saudi-Yemen border. 

On the evening of 2015-07-04, an explosion occurred near a restaurant in Muthalith Ahim which according to @hrw killed approx. 65 and wounded a large number of who people who appear to be civilians.

The location at which this explosion took place was in the center of Muthalith Aahim, Hajjah near restaurants, a hospital and other market stalls. #Yemen

Looking at Satellite Imagery, Google Earth Pro showed a crater consistent with images and videos of the crater which we found on youtube and facebook, the crater is also consistent with the reported date of the airstrike in this incident.

@HRW also included an image in their report claiming it was from Muthalith Ahim, when in fact it depicted two buildings in Harad, approximately 7 km to the north. (Image left by HRW researchers)

Posted an image of the crater which we matched to the site and analysed further.

The analysis confirmed that the size and shape of the crater indicated an airstrike, which could have injured dozens of people causing the casualties we identified in media reports. It is therefore possible to say that this crater is consistent with an air-dropped munition.

There were multiple sites in the vicinity that were also damaged, showcasing a pattern of strikes in this location.

The Saudi led coalition have yet to investigate this incident, despite the various reports from the location.
You can read our full report on this incident in the link above.

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