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I guess @jbarro (NYMag) was criticizing me for—like any attorney who teaches rather than practices legal advocacy—putting my bar status on "inactive" so I don't have to pay dues. He also said I "teach creative writing." For those Josh misled, here's my bio: 

1/ One thing I try not to do is mislead anyone—let alone *lie*—about others' credentials. If someone is a NatSec expert, or a cop, or a professor, I try to say so rather than finding some bizarre, presumptively diminishing moniker for them. I don't know what @jbarro was thinking.

2/ I know many dislike posts like this—I do too—but they're important for this reason: 35,000 followers have joined this feed in the past 2 weeks, and many don't know much about me besides seeing me on HBO or in a Playboy interview. I don't want guys like @jbarro misleading them.

3/ Incidentally, for those wondering, an attorney on "inactive/retired" status in New Hampshire can go back to practicing just by paying a fee. Liars (like @jbarro, I guess) try to convince their readers that "inactive/retired" status means something else—again, I don't know why.

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