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It’s such a strange and blinkered ignorance, to think responsibility should only ever be pointed inward toward oneself, not outward toward others; such a prideful ignorance, to think that we could ever possibly give more value to our society than our society gives to us.

How indeed.

Whenever I hear "why should *I* have to pay for _______" I hear...

"Why should *I* pay for research into a vaccine for the superflu that's killed 30% of the global population when *I* don't have the superflu, *cough*"

"Why should *I* have to pay for the mission to stop the meteor that's going to hit Illinois, when *I* live in Indiana?"

"Why should *I* pay to help create society that cares for the old when I am not old?"

"For the sick when I am not sick?"

These are questions people ask, when they think they will never become old, or sick.

It's a terminal selfishness that eats itself.

Here is the penalty inherent in believing the lie that we do not belong to one another, that we owe one another nothing:


Here is the penalty for believing that lie:

A growing sense that I have not been given my due.

A gnawing sense that I should have more than I do.

A sneaking suspicion that any good thing that comes to another might better have come to me.

A life lived not in appreciation for the good I do have, but in discontented grasping after the more I could get.

A deliberate choice to live in a world, not of abundance, but of lack.

And here is the danger: Vulnerability.

Living in a world where we owe one another nothing means living in a world in which others, resentful of their lost advantage, seeking for the phantom limb of it, will inevitably seek some scapegoat, and will inevitably land upon me.

Owing one another nothing means living in a world where those who have best learned how to press a mean advantage will eventually consume their easiest victims, and will then, filled with greed's hunger, engorged with the virtues of wealth and power, turn at last to feast upon me

When I choose to live in world in which other people do not matter, I choose to live in a world in which I will not matter, either.

This is a sad and familiar conversation, with a very sad and familiar type of person: gratuitously gifted, gratuitously ungrateful, endlessly dissatisfied.

My questions are always the same, as are the answers.

Virtue signaling is a interesting term, used almost exclusively by people who have contempt for virtue, and assume any appeal to virtue must be disguising some ulterior motive.

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