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How every GooberChud outrage goes:

Them: "Oh no, they made [character] ugly!"

Us: "OwO [character] is ours now! We love them so much and will protect them!" *Excited gay noises*

Them: "The four armed monster lady is no longer sexy, it's a war against us by the sjws!"

Us: *goes weak at the knees, bites lower lip, daydreams about our new girlfriend picking us up like a puppy, faints*

"Hnnnng... Queen"

Like, can we appreciate that her jerkin is not so subtly ALSO A SKULL! They're making the fantasy armor seriously freakin' cool. It's still boobplate and kinda ridiculous, but it's the sort of character building ridiculous, as opposed to that Borat looking thong she used to wear.

Y'know the way one of her moves was that she'd jump up offscreen and then stomp down on her opponents? Well... jflaksjg;lkdfjgSTEPONMEQUEEN!!!

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