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from my inbox: we have a space at @velocityconf to hold a meetup and skill share on the ✨Engineer-Manager Pendulum✨ as a 🧚‍♂️career path!🧚‍♀️

event invite and details forthcoming, but mark your calendars for 7pm on Tuesday, June 11th in San Jose. (thanks @OReillyMedia!!). 💃🕺

Agenda in my head looks something like 30 min of lightning talks by senior folks who have lived this out and have stories to tell, then 90 min of loosely moderated discussions in small groups self-organized by topic, then present each group's findings to the room at close.

Definitely want something participatory as the main course. Not just butts in seats listening to "experts" but not completely YOLO either.

Oh, and I could definitely use some help. With organizing, getting the word out, setup/cleanup; with facilitation... 🤔

Also, this is not a honeycomb event, just a me thing. If any companies are interested in sponsoring munchies and drinks, you're welcome to put up a logo and link to your job page or something. (Tho I'd like to avoid recruiting pitches.)

Actually, shit, I hadn't thought of what a honey trap this will be for recruiters.

Nothing against recruiters, but I want this to feel like a skill share for practitioners, not chum in the water. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Banning seems harsh. 🤔

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