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I'm mystified by how media is reporting Rosenstein's recent Trump-Russia comments. *The* headline from the ABA dinner—the only one that matters—is that a Trump-nominated Deputy AG just implied that it's *Congress's job* to "render conclusive factual findings."

OK, then—let's go!

1/ People took Rosenstein's comments as unhelpful to the search for justice in the Trump-Russia case, as he—falsely—criticized Obama. But we have to stay focused: Rosenstein is *all in* on claims Mueller's report was *not* intended to be conclusive, and Congress needs to step in.

2/ The first question to William Barr in the Senate should be, "Your deputy, Rod Rosenstein, whose work on the Trump-Russia investigation you have repeatedly praised, says it isn't DOJ's role to 'render conclusive factual findings.' Do you agree that that's Congress's role, now?"

3/ Barr might say no to that—though it requires contradicting Rosenstein—but if he says no, you just ignore him. But if he says—on *national TV*—that it's Congress's role to "render conclusive factual findings," you've just gotten Trump's AG to *endorse* months of House hearings.

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