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Some thoughts on Slack S-1:
👪 Total customers increased 2x, 100K customers increased 4x since 2017
📱Devs have built 450K+ third party apps (Workday, Salesforce, etc.)
📁18K files uploaded daily

⬆ User adoption, app integration, file uploads.. obvious enterprise SaaS value.

Notably, unlike many other hyper-growth startups, Slack has kept losses flat while maintaining growth.

Each cohort is generating more rev over time than it did in previous years. Even though S&M is high, that strong revenue retention and high gross margin implies strong CLV.

Slack's partnership timeline reveals that Slack is not just a hub for communication but a centralized aggregator of other cloud-based tools. Talk about sticky..

This second competitive advantage makes it easier for users to access and understand their enterprise's data sources.

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