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1. The GOP is sick & depraved, at every level: a short story.

So, in Ohio, GOP legislators are pushing a bill that would provide millions in new subsidies for uneconomical nuclear plants, while scrapping the state's renewable-energy mandates & energy-efficiency programs.

2. Why would you push such a perverse bill? Well, they're Republicans, so they don't care about climate change, hate renewable energy, & oppose policies that help the poor. But ... they're OHIO Republicans, so they love FirstEnergy, the owner of the nuke plants in question.

3. Put aside the rest of it, though: why would you scrap utility energy-efficiency programs, which permanently lower the energy bills of low-income ratepayers & pay themselves back tenfold? It's win-win-win policy. Why on earth would you try to kill them?

4. Today, thanks to emails between Ohio GOP lawmakers, we get a hint. The chair of the Ohio House Energy & Natural Resources Committee, Nino Vitale, wrote to fellow GOP Rep. John Becker that low-income Ohioans should have to pay for their *own* insulation.

5. Why? Because if you give them a comfortable home & low energy bills for free, they get lazy. And the government is already subsidizing poor people too much.

6. “While this may sound mean to some, a little hunger in the belly or being a little cold on some really cold days is a good incentive for me to get up, go to work and provide for my 5 boys and wife,” Vitale wrote.

7. So there you have it. Never mind the financial savings, the energy savings, the reduction in pollution - Ohio utilities shouldn't help poor people weatherize their homes because poor people need to suffer cold & hunger. Y'know, to stay motivated. </fin>  https://www.cleveland.com/politics/2019/04/lawmaker-argues-low-income-ohioans-should-pay-their-own-energy-efficiency-costs.html 

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