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BREAKING: Oliver North formed a "crisis committee" in an attempt to oust @NRA leader Wayne LaPierre. North’s first term is scheduled to end the same day. Both are paid millions. Matters will come to a head on Monday, when the NRA’s full board is scheduled to meet. #NRAAM

North sent a letter to the Board alleging financial improprieties, sexual harassment charges against a staff member, and accusations of excessive personal expenses, including $200k of wardrobe charges for LaPierre. He threatened to publicize the letter if LaPierre didn't resign.

The letter was drafted for North by Ackerman McQueen, the @NRA's PR/marketing firm, which the NRA is suing for over-billing. Ackerman pays North's salary (the job was unpaid and simply ceremonial in the past). Ackerman also pays the $1M salaries of Dana Loesch and Colion Noir.

LaPierre said he was told he “needed to withdraw the NRA lawsuit against [Ackerman] or be smeared.” North purportedly suggested that he would help “negotiate” an “excellent retirement” for LaPierre. LaPierre countered that North has been paid millions for services never rendered.

Another interesting tidbit: LaPierre's speech at the @NRA annual meeting today included a positive shoutout to longtime Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer - an influential board member. He may think she's the key to hanging on to his job...

Also, LaPierre may have been sending a *subtle* message with this sign at #NRAAM this year (last year, Dana Loesch's face was all over everything - but she's an Ackerman employee, and this year she was conspicuously absent from the main stage).

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