Lynoure Braakman @Lynoure Lean sw dev with fondness for TDD, spotting and solving problems and helping teams work better. Addicted to short feedback loops. Working on @LeapOfLifeLEOLI Apr. 27, 2019 1 min read

Sometimes @Twitter succeeds by putting two different posts on the same topic right under each other, creating contrast. I think this is accidental, but it's still so perfect. 1/n

The upper post all of you can read. The lower one is from a Finnish GP, who during the day saw three different patients with mood problems caused by complicated welfare bureaucracy.

So, two related problems, from two different doctors, in two different countries. 2/n

Two totally different systems yet complicated bureaucracy is causing excess strain on people who definitely do not need it in their life.

UBI and universal comprehensive health care could solve both problems.
Can we afford not to embrace those solutions? 3/3

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