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500 billionaires actually are the problem, actually.

If 500 people were hording 55% of all fresh water for their own personal use* the global draught would be the fault of those 500 and anybody saying otherwise would be looked at as a soft-headed fool or a danger to us all.

*by the way that will happen soon, because billionaires.

And sure the 500 people wouldn't ONLY drink the water themselves, but they would choose who could have water and who couldn't and they'd choose people who benefited them specifically.

The fact that some people were still getting water wouldn't make the situation not a problem.

You know what wouldn't change the fact that the 500 water horders were creating the global drought problem?

Their intentions.
Their "patriotism."
What they said.
How they said it.
How polite they were.
Whether they acknowledged drought was bad.

The only thing that would address the problem is if they stopped being the arbiters of who gets to drink and who doesn't.

We would as a society have to decide that a single person should really only be able to control so much water and no more.

Is the thing.

When I like about this analogy is it’s not an analogy.

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