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RT has asked me to go on its air *multiple* times. Because it's Kremlin propaganda, I've always refused. Aaron J. Maté (@aaronjmate) had no problem being a Kremlin mouthpiece, however—when the Kremlin came calling, he said "yes" and became its interlocutor for the Mueller Report.

1/ Maté has been a Trump-Russia denier from Day 1—he blocked me on Twitter in 2017, I believe. RT has had him in their scopes for 2 years now, as surely he knew when he agreed to go on its air and transmute his ill-researched cynicism into literal, straight-up Kremlin propaganda.

2/ That YouTube sent 24% of its users to Maté (@aaronjmate) to process the Mueller Report is horrifying. It had hundreds of mainstream takes it could've algorithmically recommended—let alone experts who fully understand the threat the Kremlin poses—but no. 

3/ The Trump-Russia scandal was called "Russiagate" in its earliest weeks, but the name fell out of favor quickly—with "Trump-Russia" becoming the preferred adjective. Anyone who says "Russiagate" with that knowledge—as Maté does—is like a "birther" saying "Barack Hussein Obama."

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