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reputations are a necessary shortcut for dealing with people, but as managers (or leaders) we have a serious responsibility to interrogate a reputation for accuracy, and actively update that reputation when things change. 

i have been thinking about this a lot lately. the trailing perception of people that persists long after the behavior has normalized.

i am notorious for being late. i have worked SO hard to be more on time this year, and to overcommunicate my status, but still.

it's made me more aware of all the times i casually drop a detail about someone and contribute to their own reputation. i'm not someone who believes gossip is bad -- if you ask the scientists, it's literally why we have civilization -- but how mindful are we?

at minimum, people managers (and managers-of-managers) have an absolute mandate to examine the ways they update and propagate the ways their direct reports are judged.

we easily shrug off our power. "it wasn't mine!" -- bullshit. if you repeat something, you create it.

management is a formal responsibility. but if you're a senior person in any org, your words carry the same power to create or destroy. so at minimum, you should be _very concerned_ with making sure the reputations you contribute to are accurate and up to date.

these thoughts brought to you as an attempt to distract myself from what i know of my own reputation in some circles, and my dawning awareness of just how unshakeable these surface impressions can be. 💰😵

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