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DeMar DeRozan gets to his right hand and cuts the lead to four!

#GoSpursGo 80
#MileHighBasketball 84

4:13 remaining on @NBAonTNT

Jokic hits Torrey Craig underneath and the @nuggets edge is back to 8!

#MileHighBasketball 88
#GoSpursGo 80

2:44 left on @NBAonTNT

Bryn Forbes sprints ahead and slams it home!

#GoSpursGo 86
#MileHighBasketball 88

52.2 to play in Game 7 on @NBAonTNT


Jamal Murray seals it with the high-arcing runner and the @nuggets ADVANCE to the Conference Semis!

Final in Game 7:
#MileHighBasketball 90
#GoSpursGo 86

Jamal Murray with the CLUTCH RUNNER to propel the @nuggets in Game 7! #MileHighBasketball #NBAPlayoffs

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