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Let's be clear about this. TERFs are a hate group. They are defined by their hatred of trans people, and organised opposition to trans people's human rights. A word identifying a hate group is not a slur, this is like white supremacists trying to claim nazi is a slur.

Someone who is, through a videogame, venting frustrations at a group who are defined by their organised hatred of a minority, is not making a call to violence. Nobody buys it, and you're just embarrassing yourselves.

This is reaching.

The added context being that in this case, one of the characters in MK11 is voiced by someone who is quite openly transphobic.

TERFs are just getting pretend offended, when in reality they just don't want people to be able to name their hate group for what it is.

TERFs desperately want the anonymity of the crowd, they want there to be no distinction between them and feminism in general so that they can organise against a vulnerable minority's rights and slink into the shadows, hence the performative outrage at being named; at being seen.

They're funded by the religious right in the US, getting money from the likes of the Heritage Foundation, and working with the ADF to roll back LGBT rights. They're simply wearing feminism as a mask in order to go unnoticed, to pretend they're just concerned feminists.

TERFs are quite blatantly activists for the religious right, working towards an anti-LGBT agenda. Their entire modus operandi is to split the left by pretending to be leftwing, as their evangelical handlers have made clear - divide and conquer.

By the way, if you're wondering who the heck FeministWiki are, because you've never heard of them before, and is this just more conservative astroturf? The site and account is months old, started by some "sympathetic" dude, and promotes conservative Christian front organisations:

That very first organisation they promote?

Yup, you guessed it! Conservative Christians masquerading as a feminist group, pursuing an anti-LGBT agenda, while being funded by religious fundamentalists. This is exactly what you think it is. 

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