Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic forecaster for corporations and governments. Consultant. Author. Keynote speaker. Patriot building a More Perfect Future. Apr. 28, 2019 1 min read

This is moronic, conflating futures studies and its conquest by Mob and enemy-capital-funded Silicon Valley, and an Italian art movement.

For years, the legitimate foresight community has been drowned out by the megalomaniacal, Russian- Saudi- and other-foreign-capital soaked Silicon Valley machine. After about 15 years of it, Silicon Valley turned on democracy - and attacked.

I know a bit about this, being a futurist/strategic analyst by training, and not only watched the tech sector (and the keynote speaker vector attached) dominate the public conversation on the future of society - but also experienced Russian spies targeting that community.

Know who the actual "globalists" are? The confederation of Russia, China, Saudi, and others. They put up the cash to attempt to make technology serve an agenda of totalitarian surveillance, using America's own ingenuity.

They had to get rid of real futurists for that goal.

So, @WIRED - and I remember your defamatory article of 2003 about the World Future Society where you invented quotes - spare us the Deza about how this is related to an art movement prior to Mussolini. Ask how much Russian and Saudi cash went into your ad revenue since 2001.

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