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(Thread) Mueller Report Round up

If you missed any of these threads, I did an 8-part reading-digesting-and-explaining series on the Mueller Report,

The series begins here, with Part I: “A sweeping and systematic attack on America,”

#2: Part II is “Links Galore”

While the Russian government was busy interfering in the presidential election in “sweeping and systematic fashion,” the Trump campaign was . . .

#3: Some reasons more crimes were not charged (quid pro quo is hard to prove, and Mueller was not able to obtain all the evidence.

#4: Here’s why crimes were not charged as a result of the setting up (and lying about) the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower Meeting👇

#5: Lots of Links, But No Criminal Conspiracy? How can that be? Here’s what Mueller says about that:

#6: Mueller explains why Congress should determine presidential guilt, not prosecutors appointed by the president.

(Mueller took an oath to uphold the Constitution. His reasoning here can be seen as trying his best to uphold the Constitution)

#7: Here I give the facts, and how legal analysis words for determining when the facts meet all the elements of a crime.

#8: Vol. 2 deals with Obstruction. Mueller found several instances in which Trump’s behavior met all elements of obstruction (meaning that Trump could/should be indicted for obstruction, but Mueller thinks this is Congress’s job.)

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