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TERFs be all like: "My kids don't speak to me any more, my former friends won't even look at me when passing in the street, and the only solace I have left is this white supremacist doxxing site and a washed up comedy writer... It's all the fault of those wicked transactivists!"

That's a good question, and I think a lot of them are kept in line through fear. If they step out of line or question things too much, they get threatened with being doxxed; "Wouldn't it be a pity if those nasty TRAs got hold of your address?"

When I had my DMs open, I would get TERF sockpuppets messaging me with downright scary amounts of personal information on their own, which I would immediately report and delete. They tried to send me the address of the elderly parents of a certain prominent TERF.

Who does that?!

I've had ex-TERFs speaking to me say that they've not-so-subtly been threatened in this way. I've had plenty of brand new accounts messaging me with all sorts of details, home and work addresses, phone numbers, facebook profiles, etc. They often police their own through fear.

It's fucked up, but I think a lot of them are quite honestly just too afraid to leave.

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