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Whew, I have seen the episode and can now rejoin the internet.

Bran: useless right to the f'ing end.

Has everyone already commented on the poor lighting? I get that it's "realistic" that you can't tell WTF is going on, but as a TV viewer I'd kind of like to know anyway. The one herd of shadows definitely clashed with the other herd of shadows, I know that.

And finally, before I resume real work -- also SPOILER ALERT, DUMMIES -- didn't the NK's army just become, like, 500,000 rotting corpses? Seems like a serious public health threat.

[SPOILER ALERT] Also agree with this - the survival of the vast bulk of the main players was wildly implausible, even just within the logic of the episode. A wave of these things wipes out the Dothraki but Jaime & Brienne withstand a good half-dozen waves?  https://www.theringer.com/game-of-thrones/2019/4/29/18522096/game-of-thrones-long-night-battle-of-winterfell-no-major-deaths 

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