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Gosh, this might get me thrown off Twitter (Right, @Jack?) but did you know there are three kinds of contempt of Congress?

INHERENT CONTEMPT: Dormant since 1935, it grants Congress the power to rely on its own constitutional authority . Allowing Congress to detain and imprison a contemnor until the individual complies with congressional demands.

CRIMINAL CONTEMPT: This would require DOJ to prosecute contempt of Congress as a crime, which is unlikely here - also deflected by executive privilege - which Trump has mostly waived.

CIVIL CONTEMPT: Committee Chairs and/or the Speaker of the House would file in federal court, looking for a judgment there. Could be a long battle.

Gosh, I hope I don't get thrown off for describing legal concepts.

One more thing: Hey @Jack: Now that I think about it, you make money on my content - millions of engagements per day - selling that to shareholders.

I mean, you personally get paid after having been flooded with Russian capital, but your business model...could you be making revenues from my work product as I try to fight foreign, anti-democratic propaganda? We don't have a trademark/copyright deal in place.

Have you ever disclosed the potential risk of class action suits to your investors, @Jack? Since Spicy is out of commission I'm going to take the time I spent learning from the free work product Spicy gave *you* and I'm going to analyze every one of Twitter's SEC financials.

Twitter's offer to Russia Today of 15% of its ad revenue and its inability and/or unwillingness to stop hostile foreign intelligence services from using its platform has cost me thousands of hours of work while I've been combatting disinformation that attacks democracy.

Like many other professionals, we've felt obligated out of patriotic duty (Google it) to drop everything and fight global Mobsters. And your company has made money off that, while enabling systematic defamation and abuse. Did you mention this to your investors? @SEC_Enforcement

We're going to find out in the SEC EDGAR DATABASE! W00t! </>

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