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Cybersecurity experts recommend #HandMarkedPaperBallots (counted by hand or on scanners).

But some NY officials want the Dominion ICE voting system to mark paper ballots for voters, even tho experts say it can change the paper ballot after it’s cast.  1/

2/ In March, based on the concerns of cybersecurity experts, the New York State Board of Elections requested reexamination of the state’s certification of the Dominion ICE. 

3/ The fate of the Dominion ICE in New York will likely affect the fate of ES&S’s ExpressVote XL, as experts say it suffers from the exact same design flaw. 

4/ The Dominion ICE and ExpressVote XL are also barcode voting systems, meaning that the machine-marked summary card generated by the system includes both text and a barcode purporting to summarize the voter’s selections. The barcode is the only part counted as your vote.

5/ In Georgia, voters and cybersecurity experts have struggled (thus far in vain) to stop Brian Kemp from buying such a system.

6/ In Philly, voters and experts have likewise struggled (thus far in vain) to stop @Phillyvotes from buying such a system. 

7/ In 2018, Johnson County, Kansas became the first jurisdiction to use the “Hybrid” version of these bizarre new barcode systems. “Hybrid” systems combine the barcode ballot marker and barcode scanner into a single unit. 

8/ Johnson County’s commissioner, a Kris Kobach appointee, chose the ES&S ExpressVote Hybrid despite substantial public opposition. 

9/ The ExpressVote Hybrid gives voters the option to “AutoCast” their votes w/o inspecting the paper, & doesn’t mark the ballot until AFTER the choice is made. Thus, bad actors could hack the machine to flip votes only for AutoCast voters, a perfect crime. 

10/ Cybersecurity expert Professor Andrew Appel later confirmed this flaw—which he named “Permission to Cheat”—and that the same flaw exists in the ES&S ExpressVote XL and Dominion ICE.


11/ Appel & @rad_atl also found that, even if AutoCast is disabled, these Hybrids can fraudulently fill in undervotes (races voters leave blank) bc, even if voters opt to print & inspect the paper, the Hybrids route the paper under the printer head AGAIN after it is cast!

12/ Appel named the defect described in post 11 “Ballot Stuffing.” 

13/ If New York decertifies the Dominion ICE based on these defects, ES&S’s Hybrids will almost certainly also be banned in the state. NY also would become the first state in the nation to take the Permission to Cheat & Ballot Stuffing defects seriously. It would be a BIG DEAL.

14/ It could be the game changer that causes other jurisdictions to reconsider their choice of these dangerous Hybrid systems. Thus far, counties in TX, OH, WI, KS, NJ, IN, NY, and PA have chosen such systems for 2020. 

15/ Source re: Indiana counties’ choice of the ExpressVote XL: 

16/ Watch the livestream of the @NYSBOE meeting re: possible decertification of the Dominion ICE happening right now! via @LuluFriesdat

16/ Please also see this new expose about the Dominion ImageCast ICE and ExpressVote XL by Emmy Award winning journalist and documentarian @LuluFriesdat via the #SmartElections project. 

17/ Pls review and amplify the new #SmartElections website as well. I’m a member of the outreach board. 

18/ Update: @NYSBOE FLAMED OUT, stating misleadingly that they had received “a few” (more like SEVENTY) emails expressing concern but that the Dominion ICE appears upon reexamination to be just fine. They have NOT heard the end of this. Stay tuned.

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