Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic forecaster for corporations and governments. Consultant. Author. Keynote speaker. Patriot building a More Perfect Future. Apr. 29, 2019 1 min read

BOOOOOM!!! St. Louis County Executive overseeing one million residents goes down on public corruption indictment! #GRINGO15 #DirtySTL 

Bribery and mail fraud connected to corruption in economic development plans and vendor contracts. Dirty EconDev is why many cities never get better despite "efforts."

Former nightclub owner John Rallo: Allegedly "tired" of donating to politicians and getting nothing return. Boo hoo! Here's $5000.

Guy with allegedly no background in consulting: runs fundraisers, lookin' for consulting gigs.

Steve Stenger (allegedly): "Hey man, can you find me MOAR corrupt people in St. Louis?" (Can't really swing a dead cat without hitting one.)

NOW WE'RE SEEING THE GRIFT: The consulting contract sought was to clean up the reputation of STL *OVER THE FERGUSON DEBACLE.*

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