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Wohl's dad is a Trump surrogate and he pushed this; Wohl is a criminal who should be in jail; and we should be linking these events to Trump—as these men are in his circle and he won't disavow them. Trump's oeuvre is CRIME and HOAXES and somehow America still hasn't awoken to it.

1/ I'm exhausted responding to stories like this, as anyone acting in good faith knows—and is saying—that Trump accuses his enemies of everything he and his crew do (including crime and "fake news") yet no one in politics will treat his ascendence to power as a genuine emergency.

2/ The chances Trump concocts a scheme to steal the 2020 election is high, and that he and his crew push an affiliated scheme online, even higher: deep fakes, hoaxes, vote-switching, disinformation, voter suppression, contrived crises, who knows what it'll be—but we're not ready.

3/ U.S. media is pushing the narrative that Democrats should focus on "bread and butter" issues so that not even one of the 20 Democrats running will run an "emergency campaign"—a campaign predicated upon the idea, first and foremost, that we're in a national emergency right now.

4/ In the run-up to 2020 Democrats and media will instead pretend that this is a normal election against a normal political incumbent, not a career criminal who is an ongoing national security threat—and is connected to a criminal political class who will do literally *anything*.

5/ At any other time in our history, if a presidential surrogate's son—who has himself been photographed with the president and endorsed online by the president—committed a felony like this against a leading Dem candidate, American politics would stop for a month to focus on it.

6/ There'd be calls for a Congressional probe to find *every* Trump-Wohl connection; there'd be arrests of Jacob Wohl and his likely multiple co-conspirators (including possibly his father, a Trump surrogate); the whole event would be treated as being—itself—as big as Watergate.

7/ Instead, the Watergate-level scandal we discovered tonight will be gone in a week, buried under a dozen other criminal, illicit, bigoted, unprecedented, national security-endangering, unpresidential Trumpist scandals. And the media will say: focus on "bread and butter" issues.

8/ America is in a PERPETUAL STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY for as long as it's run by a career criminal who's compromised and consorts with criminals at home and abroad—and who will do anything to stay in power. EVERY OTHER ISSUE is—yes—secondary until Trump is removed from office.

9/ So when we discover that Trumpists have hatched a criminal scheme to destroy a top Trump opponent, and folks want me to respond to this like it's a discrete news story, I can't—my attitude is that THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when America is run by a career criminal who's compromised.

10/ Until Trump—and all vestiges of Trumpism—are flushed from the US political system, there's no outrage or danger or scandal or threat to our moral and legal foundations that surprises me. We're teetering at the edge of chaos—and media says, "focus on bread and butter issues."

11/ I see no Democratic candidate—of 20—who's running as though we're IN THE MIDST OF A NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Every one of them is doing their best to normalize Trump and this election and our politics—and in so doing, burning down the better part of our moral and legal foundation.

12/ This country should've come to a grinding halt the moment we saw Trump had been lying to America daily (10,000+ times in total), secretly consorting with our enemies, committing crimes to win election, violating the Emoluments Clause daily....

We opted for temporary comfort.

13/ The temporary comfort we sought was of pretending that ANYTHING was the same after we learned the truth about Trump—which we learned PRE-ELECTION, by the way—but every once in a while we're rousted from that delusion of normalcy and people want me to say, "This is different!"

14/ This criminal Trumpist scheme to destroy possibly Trump's fiercest Democratic opponent isn't "different"—or surprising—or some new development—it's EXACTLY what happens when a career criminal, who is compromised, and whose circle is comprised of criminals, takes over America.

15/ Every day Congress fails to act, it *sends a message* to those Americans who believe in rule of law that the rules have changed and we're under the rule of *politics* now. That way lies madness and mayhem—but it's what nearly every Democrat (and all Republicans) are offering.

16/ Now is a time for *moral clarity*. So, for instance, if a Trumpist ignores a Congressional subpoena, Democrats should be in court, and that Trumpist should be in jail, within *hours*. We should be measuring our politics by *hours*—not days. That's what you do in an EMERGENCY.

17/ Each time Trump or a Trumpist prompts a new scandal, there should be action by law enforcement and Congress almost immediately—because that's what you do in an EMERGENCY. We don't have time anymore for the news cycle, for slow-burning stories, for "bread and butter" politics.

18/ So my reaction to a criminal Trumpist scheme against Buttigieg is, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. These things will keep happening; they'll get worse; and it's amazing we haven't been dragged into a fake war yet (apparently, breaking news says Mattis saved us).

19/ America needs to be lighting up Congressional phone lines with calls for impeachment; Dems must mount the largest voter registration drive in 250 years; we need 90%+ voter turnout in 2020; and media must STOP TREATING POLITICS LIKE SPORTS and see this is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

20/ I don't have the energy to react to each new outrage like it's a new outrage—it's all ONE outrage. I repeat: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when America is run by a career criminal—compromised by hostile foreign nations—whose milieu is made up of domestic/international criminals. /end

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